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All about making a donation


After the sun sets, there is no light to turn on, WakaWaka is the answer!

wakawakaThe incredible impact of limited access to electricity is taking its toll. Children cannot do their homework or learn and read in the evenings, leading to poor results at school and thus jeopardizing their futures. With your help these Children who visit the To Be Worldwide Education Centres in Ghana get a Wakawaka solar light for free, so they can do their homework and learn! You can help by donating a Waka Waka Light to one of our children in Ghana. Each WakaWaka Light provides 150 hours of light, is made of 100% recycled PC-ABS, and is high impact resistant.



So fill out the donation form and bring light into the lives of our children.

Thank you for your support!!

WAKAWAKA Donation Form
  1. I would like to Donate:
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  3. WakaWaka light(s) for € 29,00 each.
  4. I will transfer the total amount of €
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  5. in to the Bank account of To Be Worldwide NL45 ABNA 0443344264.
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